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EPDM waterproofing production liner Price list
11-08-2018, 12:01 PM
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EPDM waterproofing production liner Price list
Equipment for CPE、OP-EPDM Waterproofing Membranes

1. Equipment Description
CPE、EPDM resins and additives materials are extruded into membranes with this equipment. The products perform well in high-strength, low-temperature flexibility , anti-aging and the chemical corrosion-resistant.

2.Equipment Model
3.Technical Parameter
Host adopt advanced Trans-mission Technology, can save
electricity up to 30%.
Automatic heating system had taken thick-circuit,saving electricity about 40%.
1.Mixer machine: Model isLZ500L.
Heating power is 8 KW.
Two-speed motor Power is 40KW/32KW. Complete with feeding device,power is 2.2KW.
2.Ext-ruder SJ80 Conical twin-screw reducer SJSZ80 Host motor power is 55 KW (VVVF).
3.Ext ruder barrel can be used 38CYMOALA materials with nit-riding treatment. Heating power of screw is 47KW
4.Die can be with inner heating system,power is 34KW.
5.The surface of Three-Roller Device was with hard chrome treatment. Power is 3KW. (VVVF)
6.Traction Device can be used Torque Traction. Power is 16N.
7.Winding Unit is adopted friction winder with auto counters and length alarm device.Power is 1.1KW.
8.Automatic constant temperature curing system. Power:15KW
4. Trade terms of products:

Factory view:EPDM waterproofing production liner Price list
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