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extrusion forging
11-08-2018, 11:52 AM
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extrusion forging
High pressure oil pipe Split flange series cold forging parts
Product introduction:
Material: 35#
Technology: cold drawing + cold forging + machining
Heat treatment: annealing
Application: hydraulic fittings

Process introduction:
Through cold forging, the size of the finished product can be directly reached. The product has complex shape and difficult process. It has higher mechanical performance than the traditional hot forging process, and no turning, which can meet the requirements of the product performance.

Process characteristics:
Domestic general technology is to use a pair of hot forging, and then line cutting separately, to obtain a single product and can not be interchanged, cumbersome processes and low efficiency. Through our unique double the first mock exam cold forging technology, forging a two separate products, overcome the problem of non symmetric shaped products of cold forging, hot forging and up, high dimensional accuracy, better performance

Q:What are the advantages of cold extrusion? save raw materials
2.improve production efficiency
3.surface roughness is good, conducive to follow-up processing
4.improve the mechanical properties of parts
Q:Can the cold extrusion be made into the finished product directly?
A:According to the finished drawing, part size can be directly processed to the finished size.
Q:How long does the 3D sample development cycle last?
A:Sample development cycle is 45 days after receipt of tooling feeextrusion forging
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