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Full Version: Business Plan is about accountability
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One of the benefit of having a business plan is the vision and the focus. It is very easy to stray away from one's original concept. Not that there is anything wrong with a great imagination. Sometimes, having too many ideas and multiple skills can be a curse as it can lead to too many distractions. I find that a written business plan provides focus. and even while it is constantly evolving, one can plan a change, as opposed to being carried away.
I think every business must have a plan. A business without a plan is like a life without a purpose.

Accountants can be very good at business plan preparations because finances or numbers are an integral part of a business plan. The financial cash flow statement tells the story in numbers.

It's not always this easy, but with online software even the little guy can trade like a pro.
I agree that having a business plan is essential. How are you going to know where to go, what to do and where to invest your energy if there is no business plan. If you get the point where you have investors, you will certainly need to document what is going on.
I think that every business must have a plan. As a business without a plan is not the purpose of life. Accountants in business plan preparation is very good, because of financial or business plan of a digital component. Financial cash flow numbers tell the story.
Planning, strategy and effort are just some of the factors that contributes to a success of any business.
A good business plan contains all the basic requirements to start a business including a mission and vision statement,how to get registered having trade marks,patients and copyrights.In the modern days various consultancy firms are very helpful in this regard.
I supposed that business is not easy as what we imagine.Business planning including finance, your brain's puzzle, patience, trust, and risk as well. But I think that nowadays it is difficult to get big profit from business with nations' extremely difficult economy.
I would like to say that without making plan we can not day anything properly either it is business or something else. So you should make proper plan before start a business. But every one have no quality to make a proper business plan=in. However you can learn that how to make plan.
When we are going to start a business then we must have a clear idea on the roots where the business is based. Then a good plan to use this idea and to get started successfully, can turn this in to a successful venture.
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