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Full Version: What do you think of Google Plus?
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What do you think of Google+?
I'm liking it. I think Google got it right this time. Circles are great. I believe it encourages networking.
When they implement apps and social games I hope they make sure it does not pollute my stream.
Also, I think "sparks" is useless.
Google plus is a social network that is the services of Google..
We can share our information, images, videos and many of other things..
I also like Google+. It’s a good social media to share our knowledge and information.
I think that it’s great for promoting business and having a huge fan base.
Google+ is great to connect with people. I like Google circles. It is very useful to share knowledge and experiences.
I think all of Facebook's limitations were perfected in Google+. Google Plus is better because in that hangout up to like 8 friends can join. I don't think facebook can do that.
It is a very useful social network. I use it to promote my business.
Google+ has beaten the Facebook. It is a great social network.
It is just like face book and it is one of the best platform for business promotions..
Google Plus is known to have a positive impact on Search Results Optimization (SEO) which is an important factor for many businesses.

Madan CA
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