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Full Version: Online professional development courses for accountants
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Online learning courses, webinars, workshops for accountants who need to meet their mandatory cpd reporting requirements.


Social media is something accounting troubleshooters should keep up with. Very often we are too busy with work, we forget about marketing.


Yes, Android. So why don't you join Accounting Troubleshooters Facebook page. I did.
Even better - they do not have to be taken all at once. One of my beliefs is that people learn better in small doses and online courses can be taken in as small a doses as needed, even 30 minutes a day, would be effective for some people.
I agree that taking courses a bit a time is much more helpful than going for several weeks. When you are in any sort of business, you really should be taking time to learn each week. I have a day a week blocked out for learning and growing. I read, catch up on articles, etc on this day.
Accounting is involved in everything, and just like any other business it is important to understand many things. For example, the economy is important for an accountant to understand. Also, if they work with a particular industry, it is important for them to know about that. And on-going education for their profession is of the utmost importance. I think dedicating time to development is critical for surviving in our economy!
I agree to take courses much longer than a few weeks a little help. When you are in any business, you really should be the time to learn each week. I blocked one day a week to learn and grow. I read, catch up with the article, so this day.
Sure. online courses doesn't spend much time as we take normal courses. We can take time to read from internet, practice and apply to reality.
In my opinion, if any one want to start online business then he should participate in online courses to learn about online method and technology to main online business.
To get good business skills through media is very common these days and is useful also. But real qualities are gained only by attending workshops and courses only.
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