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Full Version: Android Tablet for Business Use
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First there was the bulky portable computer, then the laptop, notebook, netbook, now the tablet.

Any suggestions on use of a tablet on an accountant's viewpoint?
It would depend what you want to use the tablet for. If it is for the ability to check email and browse the internet, many android phones can do that already. The catch is that the cost is usually $30/month on top of your regular cell bill. This is where the tablet comes in. You can use it for email and the internet without a monthly fee, as long as there is a wi-fi connection.
There are some pretty cool business android apps you can use on your android tablet to make it really worthwhile. Skype, Logmein, Adobe Reader, Slide Show, games and many more. I suggest we start a business apps for android tablet on this forum, so we can share our favorite apps. There are literally thousands of apps in the android market, and it's just good if we can share the good ones.
While the Apple iPad still reigns, new Android tablets are continuing to gain ground and market share. Tablets are also gaining traction in the business world, opening new opportunities for on-the-go functionality and anywhere access. To help you add business functionality to your device, we’ve pulled together 10 top apps designed for use on Android tablets.
I highly recommend the new Samsung tablets. They may be a bit more expensive, but when dealing with their customer service and the help they provide, the buy is definitely worth it.
I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 for my office and home purpose. Most of the time I using it for office purpose. I have installed office 365, FreshBooks etc.
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