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Full Version: Fresh Books for Small Business
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A colleague told me about Fresh Books accounting software, and I am wondering if there is anyone who can share first hand their experience with this software?
Freshbooks should not be mistaken as an accounting software. It is a web-based or online time and billing software. Great for consultants, tradespersons or salesman on the road, accessible from anywhere with internet access.

It is ideal for small volumes. It can be cumbersome to manage when the volume gets bigger.

I am checking with Freshbooks to find out whether the invoices can easily be exported into an accounting software like Quickbooks or Simply Accounting.
FreshBooks is the fastest way to track time and invoice your clients. Built for freelancers, teams, and subscription services. Take control of your invoicing with FreshBooks to save time, get paid faster, and look more professional. One of the most useful features for me in Freshbooks is the ability to set invoices as “recurring.” Recurring invoices will automatically be sent to customers at a particular frequency.
Freshbooks should not be mistaken as an accounting software. It is a Web-based online time and billing software. As consultants, tradespersons or salesman on the road, anywhere access to the Internet access from big. This is ideal for small quantities. It can be tedious management of larger volume.
A small business accounting software that is popular and can be used for FREE is the Wave Accounting software. It is worth checking out.

Madan CA
I used this software and i think you will also like Fresh Books accounting software. It's awesome software with great features.
I think, You need to use the accounting software rather books because it will help to you in best way.
my choice is adminsoft
If you are using Wave Accounting Software, and would like guidance, tutorials can be found at .

Madan CA
A good software for tracking billing, profitability, and invoices is BillQuick.
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