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Full Version: How to Delete an account in Simply Accounting
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I am trying to delete an account in Simply Accounting 2005. I set this account up about 3 years ago under Current Assets as a Cash Draw Account. Because at the time I was transferring funds to this account from my chequing account which is also set up under current assets. I have not used the Cash Draw account in over a year now and would like to delete it. It shows all of the transfers that I had done in those previous years. So how do I go about clearing the amount showing in that account and delete it?
Thank you in advance for your help.
You cannot delete an account until the following conditions are met:

-The account has a zero balance.
-It is not being used as a linked account in your company.
-It has not been used since the earliest transaction date.
-The account has not been used in transactions belonging to the current or previous year.
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